Animation | Short films for a rainy day

Animations are neither particularly my favourite pastime nor my favourite genre of motion pictures, but over the years, I’ve stumbled upon some of fine works that I just return to again and again, for inspiration, relaxation and encouragement, for moments of ‘aha’ as well as for introspection and reflection. They are magnificent in terms of labour, love, passion, humour, wisdom and teamwork. Here are some gems that will soothe your wound, heal your broken soul and lift your mood up.


1. Fox And The Whale

Stunning visuals. Beautiful, just beautiful.



2. Le Royaume (The kingdom)

Students’ work for Animation Short Film 2010 of Gobelins, l’Ecole de l’Image, one of the most prestigious schools in animation and visual studies in France. It’ll make you laugh and think and die a little bit inside.



3. In Between

Another charming piece made in Gobelins, selected for 2012 showcases. A lovely story about and how to overcome anxiety, how to accept your own flaws and make peace with yourself and the world.



4. Some Thing

Perfect to be taken for an animated picture book, for your child and the child in you. So very cuteeeeee #



5. Noon

There’s no plot twist, not even a storyline. Just a tiny thin ‘slide of life’ but vibrant with colours, sounds and liveliness of an Asian lunch time. The dazzling light of mid-noon added a nice touch for overall heart-warming ambiance.



6. The Song for Rain

If my memory doesn’t fail me then this is the very first short animation that I fell in love with. Everything, every little thing about it brings me joy. The mood, the story, the music, the lights and colours, the style and characters. Everything.

Perfect poetry.



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