Uckange 2023 – My First Watercolour Exhibition

🖼️ The 33rd Uckange International Watercolour Exhibition 2023 💐

The news came on one cold morning in February, I was thrilled to be invited to one of the most well-known and well-organized exhibitions in France. Two of my painting: Garden Scent and Bouquet of Sunshine were selected to participate in this year assemble of 86 artists’ works from all around the world. It is such a huge honour to be one of them. Couldn’t ask for a better start of the year 🥰

We participated in the Opening and were warmly welcomed. The artworks were well curated, well presented and well lit. Made me emotional and proud to have my paintings hung at the incredible spot where everyone could see the moment they walked through the door! It was also a wonderful chance to meet other artists and see their beautiful works, some of which were striking. I felt humbled and privileged to talk with and get to know them and their artistic journey.

This is the first and beautiful step for my professional art career that I’m extremely grateful for. There are a couple more excitements that will gradually unfold themselves this year. And I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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