St-Yriex-la-Perche 2023 – Awarded the Esquisse Prize

I was lucky enough not only being chosen to participate in the 18th International Watercolour Exhibition in Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche but also awarded the Esquisse Prize at the opening ceremony on the 22/08 🏅 It was such a beautiful surprise since I was already very contented with just being there and having a chance to see other artists’ wonderful works. This marked my little journey of new experiences and adventures!

It was my first time coming to the beautiful medieval town of St Yrieix, first time participating in the 18th International Watercolor Exhibition here, first time winning a painting prize for the total set of 5 paintings, including Garden Scent, Bouquet of Sunshine, Iridescent, Blue Butterfly and Orchids in the Sun, first time opening a painting class for adults. So many firsts, all new and sparkling. I felt like a child among my older fellow artists, being pampered and supported, talking and listening passionately about watercolors. It was such a precious summer memory in the central of France, with a lot of sunshine and rain, and smile and laughter. See you next year Saint Yrieix!

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