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Slow Flow 2024

“Slow Flow” is an illustrated poetic work on the gentle voyage of “slow living”. This adventure is visually symbolized by a baby’s journey to adulthood down the river of life. A natural, slow and tender process.

The book has been published in English and Vietnamese under the name of “Chầm chậm như nước” by Slowbooks in May 2024.

  • Publisher: Slowbooks
  • Author: Quynh Huong (Hũ)
  • Pages: 36
  • Year: 2024
  • Technique: Watercolour on paper
  • Language(s): English & Vietnamese
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Jamie and Angus Stories

From the moment Jamie sets eyes on Angus in the shop window, with his silky white coat and forlorn stare, he just knows that they belong together. On Christmas morning, they’re finally united and soon the toy Highland bull is Jamie’s constant companion. Jamie and Angus. Angus and Jamie.

Children will love to read about their funny adventures in these six enchanting and humorous stories by the second Children’s Laureate.

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